About lim a po

  • The firm's lawyers have a well established general practice, and are versed in general practice areas such as for instance: contracts, corporate law, labor law, commercial law, administrative law, and criminal law. In addition, we have gained extensive experience and expertise in the several specific industries in which we maintain a substantial client base for years now.

    We have further been involved in all privatizations that have been embarked on in Suriname in the last ten years, additionally, we assist several Ministries of the State in their conduct of the affairs of the State.

    Trademarks and Intellectual Property: registration of trademarks,
    We have extensive expertise in handling complex disputes, and arguing these before the courts or other tribunals or boards. There are also two mediators active within our company.
    Law office Lim A Po is also preeminent in trademarks and intellectual property, and is the Suriname Leading Associate for Brandstock's exclusive Alliance of Leading Associates. Besides this, our expertise in the combat of counterfeit is extensive.